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          Careful and efficient utilization of our planet’s power resources is becoming one of the vital issues worldwide. For

Russia, considering its climatic conditions, this is problem No. 1. The growth of production capacities and generating capacities results in the increase of dimensions of the currently used heat exchangers. This primarily implies creation of efficient and compact heat exchanging devices, which may save power, fuel, materials and cut down labor costs.

     A large role in the solution of this problem belongs to the implementation of new heat transfer enhancement methods during the design and manufacture of heat-exchange equipment; Heat exchanging units is one of the critical and metal-intensive components of all electric power installations. They are widely used in power engineering industry, chemical industries, oil-refining, metallurgical and food processing industries and many other sectors. For example, the total weight of heat-exchange equipment approximates to 40% from the total weight of the entire process equipment in oil and chemical industries. The production and operation experiences for various heat exchanging devices have proven that the application of heat exchange enhancement methods may cause the reduction of dimensions and the specific quantity of metal per structure of these devices by 1.5 – 2 and more times (as opposed to similar devices). It also significantly reduces the contamination processes and scales in their elements, what, in its turn, significantly reduces the operating costs, thus extending the service life and reliability of heat exchangers.

AIMTEK  LLC (Process Solutions) is involved in heat exchange enhancement, developing technologies for using enhancement methods in the manufacture of heat-exchange equipment. The main type of AIMTEK activity comprises design and manufacture of heat exchanging devices for power engineering and industry. The company’s batch products are divided by the following directions:


1. Power Engineering

Oil coolers МБ, oil coolers МП, oil coolers МО 

are coolers designed for the lubrication and regulating systems of steam and gas turbines;

2. Electrical Engineering

Air coolers ВО, gas coolers ГО

are coolers designed for the cooling systems of the electrical machines of turbine generators, hydrogenerators, large electric motors and transducers.

Oil coolers Ц, oil coolers ОДЦ (ДЦ) 

are coolers designed for the cooling systems of general-purpose stationary power oil transformers, autotransformers and electrical reactors. 

Oil coolers МО 

are coolers designed for the lubrication systems of vertical synchronous electric motors, hydrogenerators.

3. Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Oil coolers МО, oil coolers МХ 

are coolers designed for lubrication systems of reducers, compressors, for the hydraulic systems of machines, press-type machines, quench tanks.

The Сompany’s goal is design and manufacture of highly efficient energy-saving heat exchangers and heat transfer units.

Should you have any tasks or take interest in our ideas, we are ready to offer our solutions to you.



Heat exchanger is a device designed for heat (power) transfer from one medium to another with a lower temperature. Hot heat transfer fluid (HTF), while moving along heat exchange channels, provides the colder separating plate with some of heat current and leaves the bay in a considerably much colder condition. Cold HTF, while moving along heat exchange channels, is heated from the hotter separating plate and leaves the bay in a considerably hotter condition, with an additional heat current. The complete heat transfer process from the hot HTF to the cold HTF is called heat transfer.

 In stationary steam turbine plants oil is cooled in heat exchangers called oil coolers. The oil coolers of steam turbine plants and turbines are devices intended for oil cooling with water. The main functions of oil used in the steam turbine plants of electric power stations: friction surface wear protection, reduction of friction power losses, heat transfer emitted as a result of friction, generator shaft sealing, corrosion prevention, transfer and movement of the executive mechanisms of the turbine control and protection system.

小心和有效利用能源资源的地球是一个全世界主要的问题。 俄罗斯与它的气候条件,这是问题的第1号。 在增加生产、创造能力的加强方面的目前使用的热交换器了 建立高效率的和契约热交换器能够提供节约能源、燃料经济、材料和劳动费用。
重要的作用,解决这一问题中发挥有采用新的方法加强传热设计和制造的热转让的设备。 热交换器是一个重要的金属部分的所有电厂。 他广泛使用,在能源、化学业、炼油、冶金、粮食业和许多其他部门。 例如,在石油化工厂总数大规模的热交换器是大约40%的总重量的所有加工设备。 经验研究、生产、运行的各种热交换器表明,采用的方法加热转移导致了降低的方面和金属的消费量,这些装置和一个半至两倍或更多(而与类似的手段),而且还能大幅度降低的过程中的堵塞和盐的形成。 这极大地减少了业务费用的增长服务寿命的提高可靠性的热交换器了

该公司 "AИMTEК"(技术解决办法)正在研究领域加强热交换的过程,开发技术的应用方法加强在制造传热设备。 主要活动的公司"AIMTEK"--研究、设计和制造的热交换器,为电力工程工业。 连续产品的公司分由以下方面:

1. 能源


2. 电子工程




3. 液压系统